Special discount types and examples

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Special discount types and examples

Pelican offers personalized discounts that are a type of special discount. To understand in-depth what personalized discounts you can check out these articles that can answer all your questions related to personalized discounts concerning why consumers need personalized discounts and why businesses need personalized discounts

Special discount types and examples

This section will discuss special discounts that are not primitive or classical types. 

Personalized discounts

Pelican offers special discounts by an extension add-on that learns your digital behavior and generates personalized discounts for you. These discounts are personally catered for you as a consumer based on your liking. 

Email subscriptions

Once you visit a website, a pop-up offers a subscription to their newsletter for special discounts after your first purchase. This discount tends to be significant in their amount, which has a high chance of subscription. In turn, the subscription keeps pushing offers to their customers via email. 

Special discount types and examples

Gamification discounts

By creating an impression of a game or leveling up, you can push consumers to buy more products. For example, you can put a bar on the cart which shows a certain amount spent to be reached to be eligible for free shipping or a discount. These special discounts push consumers to buy more to benefit from that discount. 

Product bundles

By bundling similar products at a discounted price, consumers will likely buy the bundle rather than the single product.

Influencers and promo codes

This method has two advantages. First, it promotes a business or a product and makes it familiar to the public, so the more a product is at the back of a consumer’s mind, the higher the chance people will buy it at least once. The second is when influencers offer promo codes and promote products by that. 

Special discount types and examples

Milestone deals

For example, each year, a specific business offers a specific discount for all or specific customers, encouraging customers to buy more.

Referral discounts

These special discounts are usually offered once you share a specific platform with someone, and you both get a special discount for your next purchase. This is used to spread the platform. 


All these special discounts are digital and create a consumer base with customers with a high lifetime value. In addition, customers are also benefiting from discounts and cheaper products that matter to them. 

Why do businesses and customers need personalized discounts

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Why do businesses and customers need personalized discounts?

This article will discuss how personalized discounts can help customers and businesses. Personalized discounts have several advantages that both customers and businesses can seize.
In the modern-day digital era, personalized discounts can become one of the primary tools used in discounts. 

personalized discount

Personalized discounts as a tool for businesses

Without proper marketing and advertisement, businesses cannot penetrate specific markets, and their sales stats won’t be as high as they could be, meaning they cannot achieve their full potential. 

Businesses that have understood how to use marketing and advertisement are usually thriving.

How will personalized discounts benefit businesses, and why would a business use this tool?

Personalized discounts benefit businesses in reaching an audience that matters to them. Since it is a digital tool, personalized discounts are not primitive. A consumer has to have a particular loyalty card to benefit from, or the consumer has to drive from a particular road to see a billboard. 

personalized discount

Personalized discounts reach the consumer digitally without any extra effort. In addition, it is essential to mention that personalized discounts reach a target audience that does care about a particular product that a business is pushing for. We can showcase this importance by simply highlighting a person distributing flyers to everyone, and maybe not even 10% of the people care about the product, and 90% of the flyers go to waste. It’s a waste of time and money. Thus we can showcase the advantage personalized discounts have over primitive reaching-out methods. 

personalized discount

One of the essential features of personalized discounts is building a loyal customer base with a high customer lifetime value. Your customers will appreciate that you provide them with a personalized and catered discount, and there is a high chance they will buy from you over and over. 

Another feature of personalized discounts is dragging a customer’s attention to a product you have or a brand you have. This creates traction toward your business, increasing overall sales figures. 

All this is done digitally, and these discounts reach consumers with a single click without the effort of other types of discounts.

Personalized discount for consumers

Above, we discussed how personalized discounts could help businesses thrive and reach their targets. Now the question comes. Why will the consumer use personalized discounts? 

Well, it’s a discount, why not, right? However, most consumers usually hesitate to use discount tools. For example, people often say, “I’m not gonna redeem coupons in front of everyone for a couple of bucks,” or they tend to forget their loyalty cards or even ignore ads like flyers, billboards, and TV commercials. 

personalized discount

So personalized discounts are catered according to what you like based on your digital web behavior, for example, for someone who is into sports, running, and athleticism. They will receive discounts for gear often used by people who practice these sports. These discounts are usually not announced to everyone. Thus, they are personally catered for them and usually at higher rates than usual discounts.

Overall, personalized discounts are a passive way to collect discounts as time passes. No newsletters, no flyers, and no annoying ads that pop up while watching something. In addition, these discounts are for your preference and not random, which are of high rates compared to regular discounts.

How can customers benefit from personalized discounts?

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What are personalized discounts, and why do customers need them?

Personalized discounts are a form of digital web-based discount that provides discounts to individuals that care about a specific product or brand. These discounts are based on user activity on the web that learns about their interests and provides these individuals discounts that matter to the consumer. 


Personalized discounts are directed to specific users without extra effort from the consumer or the business. Personalized discounts make it easier for consumers to benefit from discounts because classical forms of discounts usually are associated with annoying spam newsletter emails, coupons, and flyers that get distributed. Most of them end up in a corner without being checked. 

personalized discounts

Why do customers need it?

The name speaks for itself, personalized discounts. Meaning that these discounts are specially catered for you. Based on your web-based behavior and preferences, they are made for you as a consumer. By passively adding an extension to your browser, the algorithm interprets your preferences and provides you with discounts over time. 


For example, you are an athlete bodybuilder that frequently browses about gyms in your area, supplements, and clothing gear. Discounts will be personally provided to you from brands that publicly haven’t announced discounts at higher rates than usual. 

You will get personalized discounts about gyms that provide cheaper monthly packages to interested people, supplements that are being sold for cheaper, and equipment with discounts that are not announced publicly. 

personalized discounts

Another example could be that you’re a frequent traveler, so you will be interest to traveling agencies that are providing frequent travelers with personalized discounts, which they won’t generally be announcing to all their customers. 


Basically, according to your web behavior, without watching annoying ads and without getting spam newsletter emails, businesses are providing you with personalized discounts catered specially for you that you can benefit from. 


By adding the pelican extension, you can benefit from all these benefits without getting bothered with ads and newsletters.

How can businesses benefit from personalized discounts?

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What are personalized discounts, and how can businesses benefit from them?

Personalized discounts are digital discounts for a specific client base interested in certain brands and products. 

Personalized discounts are based on digital customer behavior. The algorithm learns what these individuals want and like. It provides them with discounts of a high chance of being used by them.

Personalized discounts bypass all the forms of primitive and classical approaches to discounts, saving time and money and reaching an existing customer base with a very high chance of actually buying a product.

personalized discounts

Why do businesses need personalized discounts, and how can they benefit from them?

We will highlight the answer to the why and how based on multiple variable answers. 

The answer is simple. Personalized discounts are targeted to a clientele base that cares for the brand or product. Personalized discounts are web-based, so they are one click away from reaching their targets. The best examples are the following scenarios. 

personalized discounts

Imagine, as a business, you want to upsell, promote, or even attract customers to an audience. The classical way of reaching the audience is by providing radio-tv ads, which are of high cost and require time and money-consuming production. Another way is to distribute flyers in highly crowded areas, and at least 90% of them end up going to waste or even putting billboards on high-cost roads. They are also limited by time and the fact that people must pass by that road to see them. These are classical methods that have been used for decades. Digital methods are ads that end up being skipped most of the time or even newsletter emails that end up being flagged as spam. 

All these methods are either costly, time frame limited, or inefficient. Targeting a large audience to reach a smaller portion who care. 

Personalized discounts revolutionized the field of discounts. Personalized discounts use web-based behavior to target an audience that is willing to buy the product or is interested in the brand and usually buys from it. They are cost-efficient since they target an audience with a high chance of them who would want to buy.  They are one click away since they are digital. 

Personalized discounts have revolutionized the whole concept of discounts. 

Personalized discounts

Now the second question is how can they benefit from them? 

Well, in business, numbers matter. In the modern digital era, businesses realized that marketing and advertising matter. If done correctly, they can increase numbers and sales. Even ensure their survival during troubled economic times. 

For businesses, the highest proportion of sales comes from a customer base that frequently buys from them. A consumer base with a high lifetime value. From the consumer’s point of view, discounts are one of the forms that keep customers around because businesses basically show that they care about their customers and want them to stay around. 

Providing personalized discounts to customers creates a larger customer base with a high lifetime value. Guaranteeing that these individuals will often buy from you at the cost of a discount provided for them now and then. In most cases, businesses ensure that they will always have a client base that will buy from them. 

10 common discount types

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10 common discount types

Marketing and advertising are part of business models. Modern-day business models have proven that their sales increase when businesses use innovative and simpler ways to market and advertise their products. 

Now one of the methods that businesses evolved and innovated their models is the addition of discounts to their clients.

These discounts increase customer lifetime value, building a loyal customer base that frequently purchases from the same business. 

There are different types of discounts 

personalized discount

1- Personalized discounts​

Digital personalized discounts have revolutionized the field of discounts. It works by analyzing your digital preferences focusing on products, and giving the consumer discounts that are solely dedicated and catered to you based on your digital preferences. Thus the name is personalized

Since they are personalized to your preference, these discounts usually tend to be higher and more frequent compared to routine discounts businesses usually provide. 

Pelican adopts the personalized discounts approach to help businesses and customers.

2- Buy one get one free mode

As the name states, you get a free second product every time you buy a specific product. This is a simple method yet so effective. This model is ideal for businesses that want to empty up inventory quickly and have a high turnover of items. 

Big discount

3- Percentage reductions

Percentage reductions work by reducing the price of a specific product and creating a FOMO, fear of missing out. Sometimes sellers promote percentage discounts to upsell a specific product.

4- Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can fit into the percentage discount as well. However, it targets loyal customers who frequently buy from the same seller. This creates a loyal customer cycle and increases customer lifetime value. 

5- Pre-purchase discounts

This model of discounts is ideal for businesses that want to grow a particular customer crowd around their product once it launches so that they can have a headstart. Imagine you open a gym, and in the first month, you have 0 clients. This business can use this discount model to create hype around the business and attract customers before it even launches. 

Personalized discounts can use pre-purchase discounts to attract customers from online activity preferences. 

Free shipping

6- Free shipping

Product + free shipping = 5$ vs Product 4$ + shipping 1$

Consumer behavior studies took two scenarios of a product that sells online with a shipping service. They concluded that consumers ordered the first example with the “free shipping” because it is a type of discount, and most search filters while browsing is set on free shipping services.

7- Bundle discounts

This type of discount creates a value package that consumers usually would go for more intuitively because it has more value for their buck than standard packages. 

This can also work as wholesale bulk prices when buying in bulk.

black friday sale

8- Seasonal discounts

Seasonal discounts are often seen in tourism when airlines tend to do packages with discounts during low seasons to promote and upsell their services. 

9- Promo codes and subscriptions

Promo codes often tend to be referrals from influencers that businesses hire to promote a product to their audience at a discounted price.  

The subscription works by periodic discounts businesses provide to customers who have subscribed to their network.

promo code

10- Loyalty points

Loyalty points are ideal for people who frequently buy from the same provider very frequently, and they collect points that at any point can be redeemed for monetary value. Somehow creating a scenario where you get free stuff because you’re a loyal customer.


There are several types of discounts that businesses use and combine to satisfy their customers and keep their sales high. One of the revolutionized ways is personalized discounts. This passive way learns about the preference of individuals and caters to specific discounts with higher frequencies and higher rates without being bothered by newsletters, cards, ads, and sales calls.

A new type of discount tuned specifically for you

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A new type of discount tuned specifically for you

Have you had this feeling of embarrassment when you are offered a discount? Sometimes you need to say “Hey, I have this discount card, can you please apply it?” and you don’t want to do this. Sometimes you are asked if you have a card and you just refuse to say yes even if you have it in your pocket.

What is the reason for this embarrassment? Probably you say to yourself “Come on, I don’t need your gifts, I can pay the whole amount”. On the other hand, if you think deeply, the discount is not a bad thing and you are definitely not the kind of person that is used to through his money away. How can this be solved then? Is there a special type of discount that you would feel comfortable applying? 

Pelican personalized discounts

What if there was a special type of discount that is not for everyone. A type of discount tuned and personalized specifically for you! Let’s say you are visiting a pub and the manager knows you so well that he thinks you are fitting this environment so well that you deserve to get a special type of discount with the special amount, created specifically for you. No other customer of this pub will get exactly the same discount as you.

For this there is Pelican. A new type of discount personalized for every single person on Earth. The Beatles lover that also likes whisky gets more discount in Beatles Pub than just a Beatles lover. And the super Beatles fun gets more than just an enthusiast. Pelican’s discount amount is very personalized, you might get only a 3.27% discount in an Irish pub and get a 17.66% in a cocktail bar. You will probably not get discounts unrelated to your personality and identity with Pelican. Only discounts that make you feel special and get a reward for what your personality is.

Pelican is also great for businesses. They have special targeting tools to target people that might be special for them and give each of them custom discounts with a nice algorithm. They can target people with specific interests and not give an equal discount to everybody in the world. Businesses will win a lot in long term, as their special customers will give them a big value over time. Customers also win as Pelican matches them with the businesses that really match their identity and gives them bigger discounts than it usually gives to all users. 

How does Pelican work? It tries to learn about yourself. The more it learns the better it matches you with businesses. You can decide what access do you give to Pelican, and obviously, the more you give the better discounts you will get. As a user, you just install a Chrome extension and forget about everything. As soon as Pelican finds an interesting match for you, it will send you an email. Your data is fully encrypted and safe with Pelican and you can choose whenever you want to give restricted or extended access to your data.