Mar 11, 2022

A new type of discount tuned specifically for you

Have you had this feeling of embarrassment when you are offered a discount? Sometimes you need to say “Hey, I have this discount card, can you please apply it?” and you don’t want to do this. Sometimes you are asked if you have a card and you just refuse to say yes even if you have it in your pocket. 

What is the reason for this embarrassment? Probably you say to yourself “Come on, I don’t need your gifts, I can pay the whole amount”. On the other hand, if you think deeply, the discount is not a bad thing and you are definitely not the kind of person that is used to through his money away. How can this be solved then? Is there a special type of discount that you would feel comfortable applying? 

What if there was a special type of discount that is not for everyone. A type of discount tuned and personalized specifically for you! Let’s say you are visiting a pub and the manager knows you so well that he thinks you are fitting this environment so well that you deserve to get a special type of discount with the special amount, created specifically for you. No other customer of this pub will get exactly the same discount as you. 

Pelican personalized discount coupon

For this there is Pelican. A new type of discount personalized for every single person on Earth. The Beatles lover that also likes whisky gets more discount in Beatles Pub than just a Beatles lover. And the super Beatles fun gets more than just an enthusiast. Pelican’s discount amount is very personalized, you might get only a 3.27% discount in an Irish pub and get a 17.66% in a cocktail bar. You will probably not get discounts unrelated to your personality and identity with Pelican. Only discounts that make you feel special and get a reward for what your personality is.

Pelican is also great for businesses. They have special targeting tools to target people that might be special for them and give each of them custom discounts with a nice algorithm. They can target people with specific interests and not give an equal discount to everybody in the world. Businesses will win a lot in long term, as their special customers will give them a big value over time. Customers also win as Pelican matches them with the businesses that really match their identity and gives them bigger discounts than it usually gives to all users. 

How does Pelican work? It tries to learn about yourself. The more it learns the better it matches you with businesses. You can decide what access do you give to Pelican, and obviously, the more you give the better discounts you will get. As a user, you just install a Chrome extension and forget about everything. As soon as Pelican finds an interesting match for you, it will send you an email. Your data is fully encrypted and safe with Pelican and you can choose whenever you want to give restricted or extended access to your data.