Special discount types and examples

Pelican offers personalized discounts that are a type of special discount. To understand in-depth what personalized discounts you can check out these articles that can answer all your questions related to personalized discounts concerning why consumers need personalized discounts and why businesses need personalized discounts

Special discount types and examples

This section will discuss special discounts that are not primitive or classical types. 

Personalized discounts

Pelican offers special discounts by an extension add-on that learns your digital behavior and generates personalized discounts for you. These discounts are personally catered for you as a consumer based on your liking. 

Email subscriptions

Once you visit a website, a pop-up offers a subscription to their newsletter for special discounts after your first purchase. This discount tends to be significant in their amount, which has a high chance of subscription. In turn, the subscription keeps pushing offers to their customers via email. 

Special discount types and examples

Gamification discounts

By creating an impression of a game or leveling up, you can push consumers to buy more products. For example, you can put a bar on the cart which shows a certain amount spent to be reached to be eligible for free shipping or a discount. These special discounts push consumers to buy more to benefit from that discount. 

Product bundles

By bundling similar products at a discounted price, consumers will likely buy the bundle rather than the single product.

Influencers and promo codes

This method has two advantages. First, it promotes a business or a product and makes it familiar to the public, so the more a product is at the back of a consumer’s mind, the higher the chance people will buy it at least once. The second is when influencers offer promo codes and promote products by that. 

Special discount types and examples

Milestone deals

For example, each year, a specific business offers a specific discount for all or specific customers, encouraging customers to buy more.

Referral discounts

These special discounts are usually offered once you share a specific platform with someone, and you both get a special discount for your next purchase. This is used to spread the platform. 


All these special discounts are digital and create a consumer base with customers with a high lifetime value. In addition, customers are also benefiting from discounts and cheaper products that matter to them.